Academic Staff Advisory Council

The WCER Academic Staff Advisory Committee (ASAC) was created in 2011 to enhance the intellectual and social context for the center’s Academic Staff. With an elected board of 5-7 Academic Staff members representing large projects, small projects, and support staff at WCER, the committee works to build intellectual community, enrich professional development, link staff with similar interests, enhance communication, and represent Academic Staff at senior staff meetings. Specifically, the long-term goals developed by the committee include:

  • Intellectual Community: Provide opportunities for academic staff from across projects to share information and expertise; support individual and collective professional development opportunities for academic staff.
  • Social Community: Work with other groups of staff to increase the sense of community within WCER’s organizational culture.
  • Communication: Work with other groups of staff to increase the transparency of the policies and procedures that govern the center.
  • Advisory: Provide input to senior staff regarding different policies or procedures that guide the work of WCER.

For more information about ASAC, please send an email.

Mark Connolly – 2011-12

Sarah Mason – 2011-12

Beth Graue – 2011-13

Jenny Heintz – 2011-13

Beth Atkinson – 2011-14

Merideth Trahan – 2011-14

Madeline Hafner – 2011-15

Ernie Morgan – 2012-14

Clarissa Steele – 2015

Kate Suchor – 2015-16

Paula White – 2015-16

Robin Greenler – 2015-17

Jessica Miller – 2015-17

Robin Worth – 2015-17

Jessica Arrigoni – 2016-18

Robin Greenler – 2015-17

Kelly Krahenbuhl – 2016-18

Danielle Maillette – 2016-18

WCER Academic Staff Professional Development Grants provide support for Academic Staff participation in meaningful professional development activities that focus on training and/or development that improves their effectiveness in their current roles. Grant proposals will be reviewed by members of the Academic Staff Advisory Council (ASAC) and the Director of WCER. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be awarded until funds are depleted. If you have questions about the application process please contact ASAC at

Please be aware the the application process typically takes between 6-8 weeks.

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In response to feedback from WCER climate surveys, ASAC created the annual WCER All-Staff Conference as a way to further the center’s initiative of breaking down barriers for projects within WCER. The conference fostered cross-project collaboration and social interactions, while giving staff, students, and faculty the opportunity to learn more about research and development happening at WCER. Videos from the 2018 WCER All-Staff Conference are available here after login with your SOE-AD account.
ASAC coordinates lunch and learn events that feature WCER staff and projects. A video archive of past lunch and learn presentations is available here after login with your SOE-AD account.