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Financial Specialist – Purchasing

W-9 templateFilled out by individual or company anytime payment is requested for services using federal or non-federal funds. Submit to WCER Business Office to comply with tax reporting regulations.

DP/PIR Payment Request Tool: Generate Direct Payment (DP) and Payment to Individual Report (PIR) forms. Submit completed forms to WCER Business Office with supporting documents after services are rendered. Payment takes approx. 30 days from request per UW NET 30 policy.

Tax Exemption: Individuals conducting official UW-Madison business may be exempt from payment of tax for goods/services. Personal use prohibited. Submit form or show Tax Exempt card before paying for supplies and lodging in the State of Wisconsin.

Provide year-end balances, and works with the UW-Madison Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) accountants and interdepartmental administration during the close out process.
Create monthly financial reports for the Principal Investigators (PIs) and program managers; provide ongoing financial management, monitoring allowable expenditures aligned with the budget, and forecasting for each project funded at WCER. In addition, provide financial documents to RSP (Office of Research and Sponsored Programs) for close out and audit reviews.


You must complete either a Miscellaneous Materials and Services Request (MMSR) form or and Office Supply Request (OSR) form and submit it to the Business Office for payment through the UW purchasing card or Shop@UW. Items that have been budgeted and approved require a payment request form to trigger the payment process. WCER recommends that if you are purchasing supplies or services on a WCER project, please go through the WCER Business Office for payment of all expenditures.

Four other payment methods are used for payments to individuals or expenses:

  1. Direct Payment (DPs)
  2. Payments to Individuals (PIRs)
  3. E-reimbursement system
  4. Custodial funds

Contact the Purchasing Manager for assistance.

The Business Office will provide monthly reports for each of your projects, which will incorporate any expenses that may be either encumbered or paid. You may also request to obtain a login to the WISDM financial system to see detailed information.
Principal Investigators will receive a WISPER notification from the Research and Sponsored Programs Office (RSP) at the time of the grant award that will include the fund and account number assigned to your project. When the grant is awarded, a four-digit project number will be provided to the PI’s/ Program Managers to use for Mail and Copy Shop Services.
Discuss any invoices (consultants, airfare, and conferences) with your administrative professional.
Discuss any reimbursements for allowable purchases made using your personal credit card with your administrative support staff
Review your monthly financial statements and inform the Business Office Accountant of any changes that need to be made a few months before the end date of your project. The cost accounting rules do not allow for the spending funds just to obtain a zero balance; all funds must be spent in accordance with the funding agency regulations. Please notify the accountant if you are planning to ask for a no-cost extension, and they will work with you and the grants team to complete the necessary documents.  If funds remain at the end of a project period and there are no appropriate charges that can be transferred to the account, the funds must be returned to the funding agency.