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Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Assistant

The WCER community values and promotes a safe working environment for all employees regardless of position or classification.

If you have experienced any kind of discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying at work, we urge you to report the unacceptable or illegal behavior. Even if you are not prepared to file an official complaint, it is important that you talk to someone who can help you process what happened and discuss possible next steps.

How to Report Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, or Bullying in WCER

Sexual Harassment/Title IX Workshop Video
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Person Appointment: Begin appointment process

WCER-Recruitment-Request: Initiate a new position vacancy listing (PVL)

Rate and/or Title Change Request Worksheet

Rate and/or Title Change Request: For academic staff or limited employees

Rehired Annuitant Extension: Request to extend the appointment beyond October 4, 2012

Telecommuting at UW-Madison: Links to policy and forms for UW staff


Depending on the terms of your grant award or non-sponsored project, you may be assigned an administrative assistant from our pool of university staff employees.  These employees are trained by the business office financial team in the areas of travel expense reimbursement, meeting and conference planning, and making purchases for the project, among other clerical tasks. Alternatively, we can assist you with conducting a recruitment to hire your own administrative employee.   For additional information, please contact the HR Manager in the Business Office.
The HR Team in the Business Office is available to answer questions on benefits enrollment and other general questions. New employees will be directed to attend Benefits 101 on campus at 21 N. Park Street.  For more information on employee benefits, please see

Identify the tasks and budget for a position, then meet with the HR Manager in the Business Office, to develop a recruitment strategy. Because of the many rules and regulations that govern university employment and remuneration, do not make employment offers before talking with the HR Manager.
Prior to the interview, discuss any interviewee reimbursements with your administrative professional and the HR manager.  You will be required to complete an interview expenses form prior to the date of travel.

Prior to the work being done, please discuss any payment to non-university contributors (consultants, visiting scholars, or other non-employees) with your administrative professional.  Once the human resources team has verified that the person is not an employee of the UW-system you will be redirected to the financial services team to process a payment to an individual.

Yes, employees serve a period of evaluation. This is the time to resolve performance deficiencies. During the evaluation period, one year for academic staff and six months for university staff, the employee may be dismissed at the discretion of the supervisor, with the approval of the dean, without right of appeal. Be advised, performance improvement interventions and terminations are long and laborious processes once employees have passed probation.

The hiring committee will access applications and review candidates in the online TREMS system. The committee must provide information about the search to the business office recruitment manager including applicant status (reasons for advancing/not advancing a candidate to the next step in the recruitment process), information on the interview schedule, interview questions, reference check information, salary offers, etc. The business office will handle recruitment correspondence with candidates such as rejection and appointment letters, as well as assist with answering candidates questions on compensation, benefits, and onboarding.

Auditing regulations require PIs or their designees to verify the accuracy of employee work hours and leave reporting.   Supervisor approvals for time and leave reporting for all employment categories are done online through the MY UW portal.

Yes. The university requires that we conduct annual performance reviews for full- or part-time academic and university staff employees with a defined or anticipated appointment greater than one year, limited Appointees, and faculty members who supervise other employees.  The Performance Management & Development Program (PDMP) is a new campus-wide software program designed to streamline and track activities and conversations between supervisors and their direct reports. This will provide greater consistency in how performance management is recorded while granting employees greater transparency and agency over their individual performance reviews. You will receive notification and instructions for these processes via email. Graduate assistants and undergraduate student hourly employees do not receive formal evaluations but should receive regular performance feedback and mentoring for the duration of their appointments.

Supervisors may recommend salary increases for academic staff and university staff employees and these increases are determined by base rate adjustments (promotions, change of duties, performance-based, etc.).  Graduate assistant salary increases are determined by the university and are non-negotiable. Student hourly wage increases require a memo to the HR Manager, requesting and justifying the amount and indicating the effective date.  All employee raises must fall within the parameters of the salary range for each job title.  Please contact the WCER HR Manager for more information.

No. To comply with the Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act, new employees must complete an Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form before or on the first day of work. This document must be presented within three business days of the first day of work.

HR Glossary

An employee whose duties are exempt from the overtime provisions of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and who performs work that is primarily associated with a higher education institution or its administration.
An employee who is non-exempt from the overtime provisions of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and therefore is eligible to receive overtime for all hours worked over forty in a pay period.
An employee in a short-term university staff position that cannot exceed working 1044 hours per year. Salaries are equal to or less than the title-range minimum for university staff employees.
A graduate student who is employed to assist with research, training, or other academic programs or projects at the university.
A graduate student engaged in research that is primarily for the benefit of the student’s course of study or research.
An employee who is continuing training after receipt of the doctorate. A research associate is usually funded from a principal investigator’s grant funds and other sources rather than from fellowship, funds awarded an individual in national competition. A research associateship is normally awarded for a two- or three-year term, up to a maximum of five years, and is normally given to an individual who is within five years of having received the doctorate.
An undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at the UW-Madison whose responsibilities (e.g., clerical tasks) do not require an undergraduate degree.