Purchasing Manager

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Financial Specialist – Purchasing

Membership & Subscription Policy

The initial payment of a membership is not payable on the purchasing card or through e-Reimbursement. This request must be submitted on a Direct Payment form and routed through the Dean’s Office to obtain Division approval. Make sure to include a valid business justification for how this benefits the department specifically.

Membership and subscription purchases are not allowed on sponsored 133 or 144 funding accounts, unless specifically written into the budget.


Sponsorships and donations of any kind are not allowable on the purchasing card. You must create a Direct Payment form using account code 3750 and provide a valid business justification.

Custodian Funds Request

Participant or Human Subject payments used as research incentives must be requests as a Custodian Fund. The money disbursed for projects with this type of incentive needs to be written into the budget or approved by the funding agency. IRB # is also associated with participant and human subject payments. This will provide cash to participants up to $249 per person. Funds run for a three month period of time and must be reconciled with signed participant logs and refund checks for unspent portions. Please contact Nicole Kleinschmidt to setup a new request at nicole.kleinschmidt@wisc.edu.

Frequently Questioned Purchases

Department must obtain prior approval when purchasing certain products and services. Contact the business office financial team before you agree to buy any regulated items listed in this link.

 WCER’s Business Office and select administrative staff have been given a UW purchasing card for airfare, hotel and registration purchases.

For supplies and services, please contact the WCER Business office.

W-9 templateFilled out by individual or company anytime payment is requested for services using federal or non-federal funds. Submit to WCER Business Office to comply with tax reporting regulations.

DP/PIR Payment Request Tool: Generate Direct Payment (DP) and Payment to Individual Report (PIR) forms. Submit completed forms to WCER Business Office with supporting documents after services are rendered. Payment takes approx. 30 days from request per UW NET 30 policy.

Gift Card Policy: Please contact Nicole Kleinschmidt for more information about purchasing gift cards.

Custodian Funds: For more information about payments to research participants, please contact Nicole Kleinschmidt.

Tax Exemption: Individuals conducting official UW-Madison business may be exempt from payment of tax for goods/services. Personal use prohibited. Submit form or show Tax Exempt card before paying for supplies and lodging in the State of Wisconsin.

WCER Contract Request:  Initiate payment processing

Contract Details: To purchase services ≥$5,000, not covered by another process (for example, Speaker Agreements, Sub-awards, Equipment Maintenance Agreements) complete form 4-6 weeks prior to beginning services at WCER

Purchases for Services Justification: Used for all external contracts between $5k – $100k payable by UW funds.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Simplified Bid


You must complete either a Miscellaneous Materials and Services Request (MMSR) form or and Office Supply Request (OSR) form and submit it to the Business Office for payment through the UW purchasing card or Shop@UW. Items that have been budgeted and approved require a payment request form to trigger the payment process. WCER recommends that if you are purchasing supplies or services on a WCER project, please go through the WCER Business Office for payment of all expenditures.

Four other payment methods are used for payments to individuals or expenses:

  1. Direct Payment (DPs)
  2. Payments to Individuals (PIRs)
  3. E-reimbursement system
  4. Custodial funds

Contact the Purchasing Manager for assistance.

Discuss any invoices (consultants, airfare, and conferences) with your administrative professional.
Discuss any reimbursements for allowable purchases made using your personal credit card with your administrative support staff