Logos and Templates

WCER Logos

The following WCER logos are provided for print and web use. Please contact Technical Services 263-4333 if you have questions about use of the WCER logo.

Note: The images displayed on this page are for visual reference only; they are not suitable for direct use. Please use the files available in the links below the images. Files will be saved in the downloads folder.

Four versions of the WCER logo are available to use:

Complete WCER logo

The complete WCER logo includes the School of Education and is to be used when WCER is displayed as the singular organization and the desire is to demonstrate WCER’s connection to the School of Education and UW-Madison, and when size and context allow use of the complete logo format.

Compact WCER logo

The compact logo excluding the School of Education is to be used when WCER and the School of Education are shown as equal sponsors or separate participants, and when the School of Education and WCER logos both are being displayed together, or when size or context may require use of the compact version.